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Instructables Woodworking Tools

Tools connecting generations through the sharing of craft skills

Today, technology is changing the way humans interact and while new technology is helping to connect and empower us, this digital shift is moving us away from physical hands-on interactions.

These designs explore woodworking as a shared activity between adult and child, focusing on a user experience that engages two different age groups.

Initial ideas explored an ‘all-in-one’ tool that incorporated marking, drilling and sawing. The forms of each design was a result of the movement needed for each task, which led to the development of sliding and rotating parts.

This tool is used to mark straight lines and arcs using a pencil. It works using two handles, one that can slide along the measuring bar and one that pivots to create an arc.
This tool is a double-handed saw, that can be used by a child and their parent and also individually. Similar to the marker tool, it has been designed to help teach children the basics of woodworking.

Project Details


Brunel University

Project Type

Product Design


April 2017

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