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Redefining [A Private View] at The Design Museum

On Friday 27 January 2017, Made in Brunel held an invite-only event at the new Design Museum in Kensington, London.

Redefining [A Private View] saw design students, researchers and industry professionals attend the event it what was the first of it’s kind at the new Design Museum. Curated by students from Brunel University London, the event explored the theme ‘redefining’ through a number of hands-on activities and interactive displays. A few examples of what was on show on the night include:

  • Redefining [materials]: part of the exhibit included a trail of the newest and innovate materials that are being used in design including cutting edge bio-materials created by Brunel’s own design students.
  • Redefining [the future]: a ‘wall of redefinition’ was put up for guests to share their projects and future predictions. This included how they are currently redefining the future, where they saw future trends going and what challenges designers will face in years to come.
  • Redefining [an average day]: Discovering the quirky routines of a designer, how many coffees they need to fuel their day, how late they stay awake to perfect their work and the experiences and encounters they face during their day.

Event Details


New Design Museum, London


January 2017

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