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Portable Speakers & Headphone Set

A-Level Design Project

Speakers are Bluetooth™ enabled, so they don’t need to be connected with wires to the stereo casing. A ‘micro-switch’ would switch the speakers to a quieter setting for headphone use.

The inner part of the speakers are shaped like this because they needed to be partly hollow so the sound from the speaker was amplified better.

These speakers where designed to be used together or separately. The whole product would include two Bluetooth™ speakers, the two outer speaker housings and one headphone band.

Interchangeable disks would give the product customisability and would fit to the speakers and the headphones.

The finalised brand name that was decided one was SoundLounge. A final logo and colour scheme was produced and incorporated into the final product design.

Project Details


Exmouth Community College

Project Type

A-Level Design Project


April 2012

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