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Rolling Stone Pop-Up Store

Unique music shopping experience

Project brief: To design a pop-up store for an existing brand/company to promote and sell their products.

The Rolling Stone Magazine and Monster Cable were both brands that were identified that could collaborate together to offer a unique pop-up store experience that would give each brand a platform to bring their products to a wider audience.

Decisions on the store’s form and materials was influenced by both brand’s colours, typography and logos. The final structure’s cross-section matched the shape of Monster Cable’s logo and the colours/materials used included red, black, white and oak.

The sales floor was designed to be used as also a stage for live performances from bands and artists. The pop-up store included: a sales counter; a product island to display Rolling Stone magazines; a product desk to hold headphones and products on sale; and a lounging area with a sofa for customers to try products and listen to music.

Project Details


Exmouth Community College

Project Type

A-Level Design Project


April 2013

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