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The Greeting Card Recycle Project

Initial graphic design for The Greeting Card Recycle Project, a company aiming to give greeting cards a second life

Original graphic design and logos established for a greeting card recycling pack. The aim was to develop a craft package that would help people reuse and repurpose their old greeting cards.

Initial stages of this project explored colour schemes, fonts and icons that would help develop a graphical style for the product. An emphasis was put on designing a clear and minimal set of instructions on how to use the product, along with envelope sheets, templates, card labels, stickers and the final packaging of the product.

The project has further progressed and now sells various styles and seasonal packs. To find out more about the project, visit The Greeting Card Recycle Project website.

Project Details


The Greeting Card Recycle Project

Project Type

Graphic Design & Branding


September 2017

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