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Deem. HUB

Brunel Design Project

This design was part of a group project to design a set of home stationary and office equipment for the work-from-home professional.

Looking at the compact areas that professionals working from home operate in, I saw an opportunity to design a solution that allowed users to use desk space for various tasks without rearranging/altering their work layout, improving their work efficiency and organisation.

We developed the brand name deem. with a set of brand values that reflected our target demographic and the home/family setting.

After further research into the problem and the market competitors, anthropometrics and user observations, initial designs explored different forms to experiment the usability for various tasks.

A peer feedback stage gathered feedback and comments to help focus on a final design direction.

The final design, HUB, was an intuitive desk work space that was designed for the modern home professional. The product was designed to fit with all the typical elements in home work space including laptops, monitors, phones, notes and stationary.

Project Details


Brunel University

Project Type

Product Design


March 2015

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