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Cider by the Sea

Brewing and branding our own Devon apple dry sparkling cider!

Personal project brewing and branding our own home-brewed cider for the summer of 2019. Although it was a bit of an emotional journey my mate Joe and I took getting to the drinking stage (we lost almost all of our bottles as they exploded in the garage), we wanted to have a bit of fun and brand what cider we had left.

We wanted a name that would tie it to where we brewed it (in Exmouth), so after some brainstorming of some not-so-great puns, Joe came up with the great name of Cider by the Sea.

Explored some wordmarks and colours and finalised on this stacked script logo using the Rathiak Font by Susi Type. The final label also included the date we bottled; some alternative names for the ingredients we used during the brewing process; and a bit of a ‘warning note’ for the neck of the bottles.

All-in-all a fun project, even if the final cider was a bit volatile…

Project Details


Personal Project

Project Type

Branding Design


June 2019

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